21 Jan 2012

Yet another attack by the Tories on immigrants

Employment Minister Chris Grayling and Immigration Minister Damian Green recently published statistics showing that 371,000 immigrants are on benefits. What they conveniently forgot to mention was that 98 per cent of the 371,000 claimants had an immigration status that entitled them to claim working-age benefits as explained by Labour immigration spokesman Chris Bryant.

The Government should stop attacking foreigners and instead look at turning around the economy - so that more jobs can be created instead of cutting jobs as they are currently doing. Since they came to power, the Tories have cut more jobs from the public sector and many more private sector workers have lost their jobs. It is amazing some people buy the line that all of this is caused by foreigners. In fact, it is foreign companies who are creating jobs, foreign immigrants who are experts and professionals who are helping Universities and companies still keep the British flag flying.

As someone said, "It's the economy stupid."

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