16 Nov 2011

Proposal to increase salary threshold for bringing foreign-born spouse and children to the UK

According to a news reports today, the UK migration advisory committee has proposed that UK residents should have a minimum salary before tax of between £18,700 and £25,700 if they wished to bring a spouse or child to live in Britain. Currently the salary threshold is £5,500.The bar increases for those who would like to bring in a wife and 2 kids: between £24,800 to £47,600.

However, Matt Cavanagh, the associate director of the Institute of Public Policy Research, said this is another example of immigration policy being distorted by the net immigration target, referring to the Government's inability to control emigration and immigration from the EU.

"We're not talking about people who are destitute or living on benefits, we are talking about people who are working and getting an average wage" he added.

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