20 Mar 2011

Some facts about international students in UK

The international student market is valued at up to £40 Billion a year. It is one of the biggest industries in the UK employing thousands of people. It is the second largest contributor to the UK's net balance of payments.

The Home Affairs Select Committee rejected the plans to close down the "post-study-work" route for international students highlighting that all competitors offer those opportunities.

The Home Office wants to reduce net annual migration from outside Europe to below 100,000 from the 2009 level of 184,000. The student route accounts for 139,000 of the 184,000 total annual migrants to the UK. However, there is no evidence that these students are in fact migrants.

Majority of the students go back to their home countries after completing their studies. Only a few stay on for a couple of years to gain work experience.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, students do not have access to public funds, meaning that they don't receive any benefits.

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